Since discovering the Japanese writing form of Haiku, with it’s 3–5–3 or more common 5–7–5 syllable structures, I was fascinated by how so much could be communicated in so few words.

On and off through the years I incorporated Haiku into my life, eventually publishing some work on Deviantart. At this point I did further research and discovered that what I was actually writing were Senryu, as Haiku relate to nature, the physical world, while Senryu feature people and emotions.

A breeze is blowing;

The sky brightens as day breaks.

A bird starts to sing.

Haiku (5–7–5)

From your lips,

Maple syrup sweet

Your words drip.

Senryu (3–5–3)

Also around this time, I discovered Six-word stories:


Skin on skin, I knead you.

a six-word story

And thus, I was hooked. Maybe it is some inherent laziness, but I genuinely love the challenge of conveying the breadth of the human experience and the depth of our emotions in these succinct formats.

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