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S is for subspace

You send me Somewhere I can breathe Only you.

B is for bound

Safe, you have me here. Can’t leave unless you let me, Why would I want to?

L is for lips

Yours pressed against mine. Fingers, thumb, tongue taking turns Claiming my space as yours.

H is for home

Outside time…

G is for gravity

…can’t escape…

C is for commitment

…stake your claim.

P is for peace

…wherever you are…

How do I explain…

…such a happy, heady blur…

Speak my language

How do you tell me you love me; do you speak the languages of my heart? – With a cute card you leave waiting for me in my car, Just there to say, ‘Saw this and thought of you. Hope… Continue Reading →

P is for praise

‘Good Girl’…

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