To say I was excited for this delivery would be an understatement. I have long been a fan of LELO’s products. With their 10-year guarantee, you know you are getting quality. As for clitoral sucking technology and me, we go waaaayyy back, so when the opportunity to play with the fully waterproof Enigma arose, I probably, actually leapt!

The packaging was discreet to the point that it could have been used in a very grown up pass the parcel. If word got out as to what was inside… Well, I’m not sure I would care whether the music started again or not. A useful feature worth noting, those of you as eager as me to get playing with a new toy, the Enigma arrives deactivated so needs to be primed before it is ready to do battle.

Ease of use

The Enigma has three buttons. The middle button is your power control—with a long press for on or off, AND your mode control—there are quite the range to cycle through. This is also worth remembering when you are fumbling, desperately, to turn it off while your legs are trembling like you’re on the highest setting on the vibration plate at the gym… I didn’t press long enough that first time, in the shower; I’m surprised I made it out in one piece! When you change mode, the power setting appears to reset. With me being a level two girl, jumping up to level four while already trying to stay upright, well…


Speaking of modes and power levels. There are eight different modes and nine different power/intensity levels. Intensity probably is the better term here, as it isn’t just the strength of the vibrations (and possibly the suction, the way The Enigma gets your entire lady garden partying, it really is hard to distinguish) but the patterns and rhythms in some modes shift too. Now, regardless of what is doing the penetrating, as a rule, it doesn’t get me off. That said, a slow deep throbbing is never unpleasant. The Enigma can provide that and more. With the suction and vibration patterns totally in phase, it makes for a deliciously wholistic experience. I haven’t dared venture up past level three, intentionally, in use. For me, just level two is more than enough!

I keep trying to put into words how… connected this experience is, I can’t. I genuinely struggled to break down the sources of the sensations I felt; it just felt… Earth-blowing/mind-shaking—you know what I mean, and if you don’t, then buy it!


Considering what it does to your body, it is surprisingly tacit. Think less the noisy buzz of a jet-ski, more a submarine in stealth mode. If the suction cup shifts from its place, snuggling up to your clit, it gets a little louder, but I doubt you’d let that status quo stand for long.


As mentioned before, there are eight modes. The pattern show enough variation that three weeks in, I am certain I haven’t tried them all yet. No matter how you like it, I’d be surprised if you didn’t find a mode that ‘worked’ for you.


LELO’s Enigma  in magenta, the version I received, came across as sophisticated yet playful. The black incarnation looks to be even more sleek leaning. As usual, LELO’s products kinda make you want to put them on display somewhere. Don’t worry, I haven’t! Ergonomically, as every person’s dimensions will differ, and things can alter their positions during a month, all I can say is, for me, it doesn’t just slip into a comfortable position; it takes a bit of thought. Once you have it snuggly tucked away, however, it is very comfortable. Then it is just a case getting your clitoris in on the action.


I have to be honest here, I haven’t run it out yet. It is sooooo powerful that it doesn’t take much or too long. AND, my body has needed breaks (I mean days!) from the intensity the Enigma brings. So, while, I haven’t drained the battery, I am not worried about it impacting my energy bills, in the long run; a little goes a lonnnnng way.

Final thoughts

LELO’s Enigma is capable of a great range of sensations This is the toy for when you want an orgasm of the mind-wiping variety. I have planned to cum more than the once, each time I have used it, but it’ll will take a person of more stamina and tenacity than me to achieve that. Once the Enigma is settled in, and you’ve found a rhythm and level that work for you, I’ll give it seconds before your senses explode as it blows your mind with knee trembling efficacy… that is, unless you have the self-control to hold back a while…

To end on that note, don’t hold back; go forth, buy it, ENJOY!