that you fill my nearly every conscious thought?

that I spend all our time apart deliciously wishing we weren’t?

that when we are together, you keep me so present that I can’t help but disregard the flow of time?

that then, when you go, it’s been such a happy, heady blur, remembering everything that passed between us is hard?

that I still try to recall it all anyway to savour those moments, the way you made me feel?

that it feels like that time, every time?

that I could talk to you for four hours or more hours, every day, and still never want to stop?

that my dreams are filled with what a future with you could be?

that I want to experience the world with you?

that I notice and appreciate the ways you show me how you feel?

that every proclamation, no matter the size, has my heart skip-jumping?

that I smell, touch and taste you; I hear and see you, accept and want all of you?

that I understand why people speak the approximation of feeling completed?

that I feel, in each moment, ‘This is it!’ But in the very next one I feel… more..?

How do I explain…

…that words will now never be enough.