It is March 2017, and I receive a delivery that would change my life, fundamentally. To put it in perspective, the next time I can say this happened was a year or so later when my daughter arrived!

I am one of a previously silent majority, a woman who doesn’t easily orgasm from penetration. To make things harder, I am a thinker and someone who likes to be in control. For me this means that letting go and switching my brain off enough to cum during sex, takes TIME, if it happens at all. Trying not to think about it requires thinking about it so…

Back to this fateful day in March.

I had been browsing toys online when I discovered ‘clitoral sucking’ technology, it was like nothing I had ever seen before. It sounded amazing, and that was before I got to the reviews! At the time, there were two main brands championing this type of toy. Womanizer and Satisfyer, that I was aware of. Satisfyer won with their Pro 2 because it was waterproof… as in FULLY SUBMERSIBLE—YES!

I remember the first time, one of the more memorable firsts in my life. Seconds, I took seconds, and I didn’t even get past the third intensity level! Mind blown, full body broken, note taken—have a towel next time! Since then I have sworn by what I now also see called ‘air pulse’ tech and have influenced, many friends to invest in their self-love this way. Sex, solo or partnered, would never be the same again. I finally had complete ownership and control (the honour of which can be shared) of my orgasm, AND, it turned out, I could multiple.

Fast forward to today and I now have four Satisfyers:

My original Pro 2, now my regular shower companion

The upgraded Pro 2, a little quieter and a two-way intensity control great for edging

The Pro 4, for couples, with its flexible vibrating arm

And most recently, the super compact, but just as powerful, Traveler.

So, now we come to the technical stuff. Taking the upgraded Pro 2 as the flagship model and giving it the average score of 5, I have rated the other two toys to provide this overview table. Ten is the maximum score.

Technical Stuff

Satisfyer modelPro 2Pro 4Traveler
Range of uses585
Battery life555


This is not the quietest toy tech you’ll find; your traditional clit vibrators are definitely quieter. The Traveler, however, does appear to have an additional lower intensity setting that is significantly quieter. The Pro 4, too, is quieter, until you turn on its vibe.


Well… I don’t usually have to go much past setting 4 or 5, on any member of the Satisfyer family, if I want to get off in under a minute. Go higher at your own peril!

Variation in settings

The Pro 4 obviously wins this round with its additional vibrating arm. The Traveler appears to have a pulse aspect to that first lower setting. I am not certain I can feel this in practice but if you test it on a fingertip, there is a noticeable throbbing.


The Pro 2 is fun, easy to hold and definitely phallic in shape. The couples focussed Pro 4 is sleek and streamlined, exuding a luxe feel. The Traveler is discreet in its snug magnetic case. It sits nicely in the palm of your hand and is easier to use when with a partner. It is  less restrictive, positions-wise, than the Pro 2 but not designed for hands-free couple use like the Pro 4.

Range of uses

I have travelled with my Pro 2 before and was prepared for having it examined by security. The Traveler, with its tidy magnetic case, is perfect for your hand luggage, hell, your regular handbag; take it anywhere for wet or dry fun anytime. Don’t forget these toys are fully submersible too…

Battery life

All these toys last months on a single charge, even with use multiple times a week. The fact they don’t waste time getting the job done, without even hitting the top power levels, means the pleasure to electricity cost ratio is VERY favourable.


So, what much more is there to say?



You owe yourself, and your clit, this love.

P.s. Have I mentioned the latest stage of their evolution? Already great for travelling (read a story about that here), Satisfyer now have wifi toys too! Mmmmm… Hello long distance loving!