It is night on a long haul flight. I have finished my book, tried the kid’s games, exhausted the movie options and, finally, taken to trying to watch other people watch their movies instead. Peering around corners and through the cracks between the seats with very limited success, I give up; privacy has been carefully considered here. Alas, I am out of entertainment and I’m only 3 hours in… of 14!

At least I have the window seat, I think triumphantly. Oh yes, but it is night where we are currently… I listen to the assortment of snores and soft sighs slipping from my surroundings; I am really not the winner here. Sigh.

The person immediately next to me and I had chatted a little earlier, over dinner. They had bowed out to go over slides then get some sleep in prep for a big presentation tomorrow. I had a day’s grace once I landed, so, despite having all my tech in my locker, I didn’t need to look at work. But what to do, sleep was not imminent.


Ah, how could I forget?! Among my once neat stash of electronics in my hand luggage (airport security is seldom a place for chilled re-packing, too many people projecting their various levels of urgency), shoved back in in haste, nestles my trusty Traveler air pulse, clit toy. I carefully retrieve it, thankful for its small size and luxurious yet discreet case.

The jet engines’ twin roars provide the perfect white noise to disguise the gentle but insistent puttering of the toy. I unpop my jeans, now grateful for the airline’s attention to privacy. With a window to one side, the only risks were the attendants or my now sleeping neighbour. They hadn’t bothered with the privacy screen but had partially reclined a while back and occasionally added their own grace notes to the sleepy symphony in the air. Moving the screen could disturb them, plus a little risk of discovery never fails for spicing up play time.


I gasp as I turn up the intensity a notch to three. That was a little loud, I should be more careful. But it feels SO good. This toy, like its less portable cousins back at home, never fails. Going past level four results in the kind of thrashing orgasm that leaves me, and whatever surface I am on, in a complete mess in seconds. I will have to be mindful. Any wild flailing of limbs in this tiny space, accompanied by possesion-level eye-rolling, would be sure to cause concern to anyone who witnessed it. Plus, I hadn’t packed any spare bottoms, these need to stay dry.

Accompanying the growing heat in my groin, the energy thrumming at the small of my back pulses in time to the throb of the engines. With the feeling of a myriad of fingers trailing up my spine while the warmth mirrors the ascent inside, I begin to lose sense of myself; my mind is coming undone.

My head tips back.

My mouth opens, lips dampened by my tiny gasping sighs.

My eyes close.

The tingles reach my neck, and my breath catches as I fight to stifle a moan.

I fail.


I open my eyes slightly to check if I’ve been heard. No attendants close, but as I look across to where the screen should have been, I am sure I catch the glint of an eye from under thick lashes. I wonder…

Just then the plane lurches slightly bumping my toy up against my clit harder. I reflexively grasp it tighter and I feel it go up to a four.

Oh god.

I feel my eyes start to roll. Was that glint imagined? Am I being watched?

It is too late. The sensations in me overlap, intensify and overflow, suddenly blooming. I am gone, lost, flying somewhere among the fireworks of feelings going off all over my body.

Sweating with the effort, I just about keep my limbs in check. Remembering I may be being watched, the thought threatens to bring me again, harder. Oh no, not here, not in these jeans.

I turn off the Traveler and consciously calm my breathing down. Opening my eyes my neighbour seems sound asleep. Maybe I imagined it, that sparkle. Maybe my arousal overlaid fantasy on reality, phew. I become aware of my hand still down the front of my jeans and the swollen dampness of me. That was close, so so tantalizingly close. I had better go freshen up and make sure my jeans had in fact survived unscathed. Eeek!

I gingerly stand up, pocket the toy and set off for the toilet, opting for the larger one slightly farther away. It is just out of sight and so usually less frequented. I hear movement behind me, probably just someone finding a new comfortable sleep position.

I arrive and step inside. The bright lights a stark glare after the dimmed cabin. I observe my flushed after-glow in the mirror. I caress my erect nipples and remember the toy in my pocket.


I reach to undo my buttons as there is the lightest tap on the door. I smile. They’re here, of course they are. Time for round two.

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