How do you tell me you love me; do you speak the languages of my heart?

With a cute card you leave waiting for me in my car,

Just there to say, ‘Saw this and thought of you. Hope you have a nice day’.

Or a surprise delivery of something you learnt I liked,

Making me smile while I recall mentioning it just in passing…

Maybe the fleeting feel of your hand across my back.


Softly stroking my skin, the feel of your fingers stirring things deep within.

Or a kiss, hello, goodbye or ‘just cos’, taking my breath away regardless,

E-v-e-r-y time…

It could be a bath you have ready, or a meal that you cook.

Maybe you read me pages from a favourite book of poetry.

You lightening the load after a busy day,

Or a massage, rubbing kneading all my troubles away.

Replacing them with thoughts of you…

Perhaps when you disregard your demanding diary to write us in a space.

Or make that unexpected phone call, your name on my screen making me glow,

Going out of your way to let me know

I was on your mind,

With your time…

Or maybe your way of working with words,

Saying you appreciate me, lauding my achievements,

Telling me you want me.

Reminding me I am beautiful, the sound of your words, like honey

Drip-drizzle, trickling-tickle up my spine.

You speak me, fluently.

My heart listens;

I hear your love.

Inspired by

In order we have:

Receiving gifts

Physical touch

Acts of service

Quality time

Words of affirmation

Of course, some of the examples in the poem overlap, and, in reality, we all enjoy a blend of things. But usually there are one or two ‘languages’ that really do it for us.

Love languages are a lovely concept to explore just for yourself, to increase your self-awareness and -acceptance, or with a partner, deepening your connection.