*Only charged once in 3 weeks but not using daily

The Esca2

Soooooo much to say about this toy that it has taken me a LONG time to piece it together in my head.

Here goes, and no doubt I will be updating and amending this over time as three weeks just isn’t long enough to get into everything this toy can do (not if you also have a life to live, with a job and responsibilities, fun as the alternative would be…).

Let’s get into it.


This toy gives the full range of experiences, from the deep bass rumble you feel stood near a float at carnival, having your insides shaken up, to the light tremors of your tracker reminding you to drink water, again. Do not be deceived by its size, this toy provides the full range of sensations, focussed directly on your g-spot. It is powerful!

Ease of use/Variety

The Esca2 comes with your basic functionality, a very accessible on/off button and a power indicator light that doubles as a power indicator, yup. Long-press to turn on, press again to cycle through its five vibration modes then a pairing mode, and long-press for 3 quick buzzes telling you it has powered off. Checking it is off is quite handy as once on, the Esca2’s light only illuminates when it is actively vibrating. So, to save battery, it is good to have a sure-fire way to ensure it is off. The app provides another way of checking and turning it off, which brings us to…

Local and remote play, via the OhMiBod app. The app opens up a WHOLE WORLD of options and possibilities for play. Just using your device as a remote you have 4 modes:

  • Rhythm—6 fixed vibration patterns.
  • Tap—which allows you to tap in a rhythm and vary intensity to create and record your own patterns!
  • Touch—which is kind of like an interactive graph with intensity vs speed. Touching different points gives you different sensations.
  • Club Vibe®—my favourite, and the inspiration for A Sprint Finish, the sound activated mode. AMAZING!

On that last point, I must comment that I have seen reviewers talking to the vibe itself to trigger this mode… …it uses the microphone on your phone/device… or your partner’s.

Yes, alllllll of the above functions are available to whomever you invite to control your Esca2, with the only difference being that in some cases the intensity can’t be changed—I will explore more! I have heard of some industry workers connecting double digits of clients to their vibes! I haven’t done this myself and doubt the opportunity will ever arise, but there’s a challenge for you.


When in use, it is definitely something you feel rather than hear, even at its highest intensities, although I wouldn’t call it silent. Would I try it in a vintage bookshop in a sleepy village somewhere…? Mayhaps…

<Scribbles down new story idea—Love in Between the Sheets—working title>


Kiiroo and Ohmibod have really gone for it here. Although not perfect, the Bluetooth connectivity is the best I have used. I can control my vibe across a room with a clear line of sight. With obstacles in the way, such as flesh, clothes, things get a little less reliable. However, having used some where just inserting the toy, as you are meant to, disconnects it, this is a vast improvement. I found, as long as the flashing antennae wasn’t tucked down between your thighs, this worked very well. And if you are inviting your partner to take control of your vibe (or maybe they are requesting it) and do all the “work” anyway, then you can just pop your phone close, lie back and take it…

That is, unless you want them to watch you, because yes, there is an in-house, secure messaging app with voice and video call features, FUN!

Oh! (hehe, if you know, you know!) and have I mentioned that there is a button dedicated to letting your partner know when you cum? Yes, yes there is!

I did have some issues connecting a call at times, but once connected, the sound and picture qualities were great. There was no detectable delay, even internationally (obviously this will also depend on your network qualities). So, a couple of imperfections, to work out, aside connectivity was great.


Sleek yet kinda cute, the Esca2’s lush purple exterior only seems to match part of its character, the fun party side that gets “jiggy with it” when a tune comes on, waving a light around. As mentioned before, IT IS POWERFUL and, in a way, I want its alter ego represented—something all shiny in black and metal, matching the dark depths of intensity it grinds out inside you… But looks aside, how does it feel? It is soft where it needs to be and smooth where it needs to be. Its fully flexible antennae can be curled up, to tidily cup you while flashing away, or moved to one side for clitoral access. The Esca2 has all bases covered for looks and comfort.


What can I say? It arrived 60% charged, which lasted for HOURS of play. I charged it last weekend, and, with use this week, it is only down 3%. Winning!

Final thoughts

Even if I wasn’t affiliated with Kiiroo, I would be saying the same thing. And, as friends will attest to, I have long been an enabler when it came to toys and solo sexual well-being, often gifting toys and making recommendations. I only share when there is something well worth sharing. Buy it folks, it is alllll the fun!