Shit, shit, shit! I rush into my spin class late and more than a little flustered. Oh no, of course there is only one bike free—at the front of the room, right under the instructor, who has already started talking. It is one of those ground eat me moments, we’ve all had them.

With a soft sigh, both of resignation and relief, I settle my rump on the seat, draping my towel and securing my bottle. Hunkering down, a grim yet somehow thrilling realisation hits me…

Prior to class, and the reason for my mad dash, I had been sat listening to music in my car. This is usually an unremarkable experience, but that morning I had received a long-awaited parcel. It had arrived just as I was taking the key out of my door, so I had only opened it when sat in the gym car park with a few minutes to spare. My new toy, one unlike any other in my not insignificant collection, had arrived. Any new plaything is exciting but this one had four different modes with their own settings, four avenues of pleasure, and that was before you added a remote wielding partner to the mix.

I was grinning from ear to ear as I slipped off the cellophane wrapper, having literally shredded away the unmarked box it had arrived in. So sleek, I felt a flush begin to rise; I had chosen a quiet corner of the car park, poking my bonnet in under a tree. I knew it would be worth the carwash. Curvy and petite yet weighty, I admired its sophisticated but fun exterior. Wiggling in my seat, I slowly slipped it in. Mmmmm, you know that comfortable yet filled-up feeling…

While the app downloaded, I turned the toy on—a strong deep buzz let me know it was working. Got the Bluetooth connected then it was time to explore. Swiping through, I immediately was drawn to one option in particular, Club Vibe® mode. I had forgotten this feature existed. Smirking like the emoji, I set the mic sensitivity and vibe intensity to their lowest levels. Let’s see what we are working with here. I was having a 90’s RnB throwback morning and a particularly sultry, bassy slow jam was starting. Ohhhh. This would be a lot of fun—for another time as then glancing at the clock I suddenly remembered the real reason I was sat in the gym car park, SPIN!

…So back to my realisation. In my haste, I had never taken it out! Its ‘tail’ was now snuggly imprisoned between my lips and the bike seat… this would be an interesting class. Glancing down I am relieved to see no flashing light, at least it was off.

I blindly prod my phone (they aren’t allowed out), to ensure it is on silent, as the music turns up and the class begins. I very quickly arrive at my second realisation of the morning, the toy, indeed, was not off! Not only wasn’t it off, but at some point, I had slid the intensity right the way up. Thank my stars, while being the cause of the growing heat in my face and panties, the music drowned out any sound. Given the strength of the vibrations, I had been surprised at how whisper-soft it had been when playing in the car. Now, in the spin room, surrounded by so many, the instructor inches away, I found myself exquisitely conscious of every beat, every note and every accompanying buzz that thrummed up through my whole body.

The warm-up finishes—wait, that was only the warmup!!!

            ‘Hill climb!’

The instructor hasn’t seemed to notice anything, thank goodness. Every time their gaze sweeps the room, a tingle of tension passes across my shoulder blades, pulsing in time to the music and my cunt, at once captivating and concerning. Their form fills my attention for a while. The way the light glint off their sweat slick arms, the strong contours of their flexing calves… The pounding rhythm pushing me, pulsing from within, mmmmm. A glow grows.

I realise I am daydreaming and have missed some cues when—

            ‘You ok? Remember to stay hydrated.’

Standing just close enough for me to feel the cooling puff of their breath on my skin, they glace down, checking my water bottle. Oh god! Please don’t see the light! Please don’t notice any flashing in my leggings. Just then a particularly strong bass note drops and—Ohhhhh! Bad timing, I shudder a little as it takes root from my seat upwards. Wow! ‘Yeaah’ I pant, without fully meeting their eyes, ‘I’m fine thanks’. Hoping to distract from any suspect glowing and, of course, my odd behaviour, I reach down to grab my water… The movement rubs my clit up hard against the tail of the toy, and it is suddenly all too much. That glow erupts inside me. Tensing against the perfectly timed-to-the-music ripples of pleasure, with eyes shut tight I desperately grip the handlebars. It is all I can do to keep pedalling and not fall off the bike into a quivering heap.

Thank goodness they had just turned away when I came. We still have interval sprints to come, how am I going to survive this?! A new trickle of sweat runs down between my breasts to disappear into the hot darkness of my sports bra. At least the instructor has moved well away now, checking on others. There is no way they didn’t notice something was up! The track builds to a final drop. My breath catching, I ride out another climax, this one threatening to shake my legs off the peddles. Hold on girl, just hold on! I managed, just.

The track ends. Halfway there! Normally I dreaded the sprints, sometimes cheating if I could get away with it. Today I am all in, anything to distract me from the party going off in my pants, dilute the pleasure being delivered to my body. Two orgasms down already…

My distraction plan isn’t working. Pumping my legs harder to the beat just reinforcing the pulsing of the toy, the sensation like the crescendo of an echo chamber, building and building. Oh nooooo, and during a sprint too. This time my legs plain refuse to work. I shakily sit down and reach for my water, staying hunched over until the thrumming subsides. All the while this toy keeps up the steady beat, wringing every last drip of pleasure from me, each time. I feel broken.

Finally, the cool down. I am exhausted, but I know my body. Now primed, it wouldn’t take much to bring me again and again. Luckily, the pace is slower and the music lower. The insistent deep vibrations now more a passive but present buzz. Ahhhh, the afterglow. Lazy, languid tremors periodically course through me. I try to hide my smiles…

At the end, I linger, waiting for these last ripples to recede so I can walk again, or attempt to with as few witnesses as possible. The instructor comes over; my pleasure bubble bursts. Shit!

‘Great session today, you really seemed to immerse your whole being in it.’

Their eyes flicker downwards at—I daren’t look—then, they are gone.

And breathe. Now alone, I wipe down what I hope was just sweat and escape. Finally! With a sigh of relief, I gingerly head towards a lonnnnng hot shower. I smile.

Mental note: On the way out check if tomorrow’s class still has spaces…

Hullo, Ana here. The toy in this story is A LOT of fun. A full technical review can be found here. Feel free to have a look for yourself via my unique link here: Esca2 by Ohmibod for Kiiroo. This is an affiliate link.