Hair? Check.

Face? Check.

Coordinating accessories? Check.

Signature scent in all the right places? Check.

I grab my handbag and leave…

…my bedroom.

Because, yeah, I live alone(ish) and am single (also ish) in these times of Covid-19.

Why bother with all the prep? (Well I didn’t quite do everything. Photos will attest to the fact I forgot to pluck my eyebrows for tonight, alas.) But the reason I bother is the same reason I started a makeup blog and joined a fetish club when I found out I was pregnant, the same reason I wear perfume every day, often topping up before bed:


I embrace me, all of me, the boring bits, the exciting bits, the good the bad, the vanilla and the not so. I am unapologetically me and have a healthy relationship with most (maybe not my constant desire to eat all the unhealthiest foods) aspects of myself.

A key to maintaining all relationship types is investment; this case is no different.

Solo parenting as a freelancer was intense before lockdown, let alone now. And with my family all hundreds of miles away, I am constantly pouring from my cup. But who is pouring into my cup, keeping it full, me topped up? My friends are amazing, and we’ve had some fantastic virtual hangouts, but everyone has their own challenges they are facing, their own limitations on cup capacity. So how do I ensure all my needs are met and, in doing so, support my overall wellbeing? I…

…do it myself

As I can’t outsource, I’ve had to ‘in’source. This self-investment can take many forms from: early nights with wine and a book in bed, full makeup on days where I stay in, a session on the exercise bike (so I can eat more) and tuning in religiously to @1judilove for her quarantine date nights, to early nights with chaturbate and a vibe or two—fun!

My point is this. Regardless of your personal situation, you will be investing your energy—yourself—elsewhere and in others. And sometimes, these others may not be giving back. So, do you! Listen to your body, your soul. Give them what they want and need; find ways to get your top up.

So, tonight I want to look good (brows aside), smell good and feel good. My date won’t care what I look like, but this isn’t for him; it is for ME.